Bangor Sweet Shop’s Chocolate is Egg-cellent 

Chocolate, caramel, and, of course, jelly beans. Specialty treats in Bangor has it all, but what’s the most popular item this Easter? The president of the sweet shop, Eliza Butler, said it’s chocolate covered eggs! But don’t worry, there’s no yolk inside these treats.”There’s coconut cream, maple walnut, butter cream, and peanut butter cream, which is probably the most popular,” said Butler. Although making chocolate may seem like a daunting task, Butler said it’s easier than you think. “Anything that we do here, really you can do at home if you want to take the time to do it. And definitely using quality ingredients is going to yield a better product.”First, start with a base. The president said, “Find a recipe for a center that you’d like to have and follow it. I know it sounds silly, but it’s really that easy.”Then temper the chocolate, but if that seems too hard, you can always use candy melts.After that, comes the big dip – Butler said lollipop sticks are the easier to work with for this step.Don’t be discouraged if there are some casualties along the way because, as the owner says, too much chocolate is never a bad thing.