Lawmakers Give Initial Approval To Bill To Bar Teenagers From Tanning Salons 

The Maine House of Representatives has joined the Senate in giving initial approval to a bill that would make it illegal for people under the age of eighteen to go to a tanning salon, even with parental consent.Tuesday morning the House voted 82-63 to accept the majority “Ought to Pass” report on LD 272 mostly along party lines. Six Democrats voted with the majority of Republicans opposing the bill. Republicans responded with outrage after the vote. “This is yet another expansion of state government’s powers to regulate our behavior and limit parental rights,” House Republican Leader Ken Fredette said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “If your teenage daughter wants to go tanning before the prom, and you have the information and give her permission to do so, government shouldn’t be stepping in to tell you how to parent.” GOP leaders say it makes sense to require parental permission, but parents are capable of making the final decision.The bill faces more votes in the Senate and the House before it’s sent to the governor’s desk.Research has shown that high-risk exposure to ultraviolet light happens more commonly in teens, and that overexposure during childhood increases the chances of skin cancer later in life.The National Conference of State Legislatures says California bans the use of tanning beds for all minors under 18.