84 People In Lewiston Kicked Off Welfare; Many For Fraud 

LEWISTON, Maine – Lewiston’s mayor says 84 people in the city have been kicked off welfare, most of them for fraud. Mayor Robert Macdonald said Tuesday the city’s action is part of a crackdown on welfare fraud and waste. MacDonald says 50 of the 84 are being removed from the city’s General Assistance rolls or fraud, and the other 34 for not fulfilling obligations like completing job training. Police Chief Mike Bussiere said fraud charges are being sought against 12 of the 50 removed from the city’s welfare rolls. Bussiere said welfare fraud can bring six months jail time and fines. The city welfare office suspected fraud after checking on employment documents. MacDonald says the city will save $162,000 by eliminating the 84 people. MacDonald says the city will continue to investigate.