Police: Lincoln Man Charged with Robbery Did It to Get Police Attention 

A man from Lincoln accused of robbing a convenience store reportedly told police he did it to get their attention so he could talk to them about his drug problem. 27-year-old Mackenzie Sibley is charged with robbery, criminal threatening and theft. He made his first court appearance Monday in Bangor. Police say Sibley walked into the Big Apple on Fleming Street early Sunday morning and threatened to shoot the clerk in the head if she didn’t give him money. While police were investigating the robbery, they say Sibley showed up at the police station to turn himself in. Sibley said he tried to talk to an officer after he allegedly stole beer from the store earlier in the night but when the officer only summonsed him, he came back later to rob the place. A judge set bail for Sibley at $2,000. He’s due back in court in May.