Maine Lawmakers Tour Belfast Shipyard 

A Belfast business led by example Monday.The Front Street Shipyard opened its doors for some of Maine’s lawmakers.Local legislators and members of the joint select committee on Maine’s workforce and economic future toured the facility.The committee has been working to see how to improve areas in the state and see how towns can optimize business relationships.”If we work together, as they demonstrated here, all across Maine with our businesses and our communities, and our workforce, great things can happen,” said democratic state senator, Seth Goodall of Richmond.The lawmakers enjoyed seeing how the shipyard operates.It employs more than 100 workers.”It’s great to be recognized for for what we’ve done here, and I think it’s important for everyone else to realize how the city and ourselves have worked together to make this happen, because it really is a two-way street,” said JB turner, the president of Front Street Shipyard.It’s that type of partnership the committee is applauding and hoping other areas can learn from.”There are places in Maine that recovery could be stronger and we could be adding more jobs the way that they have here at Front Street Shipyard, if we identify the sweet spot and focus on that,” said democratic representaive Seth Berry of Richmond.Later in the day, the committee held a panel discussion and public hearing.