Maine Counties Working to Make Emergency Responders Better Prepared for School Emergencies 

Penobscot , Kennebec, and Oxford Counties are making sure first responders are better prepared for school emergencies. For three years, police agencies and school departments have been working together to collect vital emergency information. At a press conference Monday morning, authorities announced they have completed the process. In the past, this information was given to emergency crews in massive binders, but now it’s all done through computers. School floor plans, photos, contact information and more are now all in mobile units. ” The more that we can work together side-by-side, then the safer our community and our students and our families will be,” said Dr. Betsy Webb, superintendent of Bangor schools. ” The blueprint of what we’ve put together here for a program could easily be duplicated across the state of Maine and across the nation with very little cost,” explained Penobscot County Sheriff, Glenn Ross. The $250,000 grant used to make this program happen was awarded through Congressman Mike Michaud’s office.