Central Maine Derby Takes a Final Lap Around the Bangor Auditorium 

It was a first and a last on the floor of the Bangor Auditorium on Sunday.Central Maine Roller Derby took part in their first public bout on the hardwood, but it is also the last sporting event on the floor. Over 1,200 people showed up to cheer on the squad as they faced the Maine Roller Derby Rip Tides.A Central Maine player, who says the team has been training for about a year, says it’s an overall good time. A blocker for Central Maine Derby, Amy “Wined up” Blackstone said “It’s also an incredible work out. We skate hours and hours a week and the funny thing is, I don’t realize I’m getting a work out until afterwards.It’s the first time that I’ve ever done a work out and not realize until mid-workout that I’m actually getting exercise.”The RIP Tides took the match up this time, 171 to 138.