Easter Bunny Arrives in Bangor for Egg Hunt 

Easter arrived in Bangor a little earlier this year.The 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt was hosted by the Bangor Housing Authority.Kids were out in huge numbers for this year’s Egg Hunt Extravaganza.”I got loads of candy,” said attendee Haley Broughton.Bangor Housing Authority came fully prepared for this year’s egg hunt, nearly tripling the amount of eggs over last year. Executive Director Mike Myatt said, “this year we got 4,000 and we’ll see how quickly it goes. There’s a lot of kids here.”Kids got to meet the Easter Bunny and also, meet new friends.”By offering things here it brings them together, helps build networks and meet new friends,”said Myatt. Volunteer Joann Bourque said building a sense of community is important. “Growing up here I never really played with any of my neighbors and we’re so close together that it doesn’t really make sense for that,” said Bourque. “It’s really nice to come here and fun with people your own age that are older. It’s just really nice.”Parents and kids alike are grateful for the chance to bond with other families.Parent Ashley Richard said the egg hunt was a great atmosphere for families. “Just to get kids of the same age group together and it gives them something to do during the day and it gives them something to look forward to,” Richard said. Attendee Jasmine Johnson said,”We get to have fun running around outside and get to find stuff.”Events like this also help create a sense of community.”Trying to build community, bring our residents together and they’ve got a story to tell and this is their way of doing it,” said Myatt.