John Bapst High School Jazz Ensemble Wins Big at State Competition 

Students and staff at John Bapst High School in Bangor got together Friday morning to honor some of their own. The school’s jazz ensemble is a pretty big deal. Alfred McIntyre knew early on he was part of something special. ” I’ve got five trombone players that I kept saying, I think they’re the best trombone section that I’ve had my entire career,” said McIntyre, who is the jazz instructor and director of fine arts at the school. ” They just kept getting stronger and stronger throughout the year.”The school’s jazz ensemble took their talents to Houlton for the Maine State Instrumental Jazz Festival. ” We had great chemistry and the energy we played with just electrified the audience,” explained Mike Tormey, a sophomore at the school. ” It’s more nervous before we go on. Once we get on stage, at least for me, everything in the audience just disappears and it’s just you and the band up there playing,” described Noah Patvin, a junior. To help the trombone section shine, they did something a little different. ” Right in the middle of the tune the whole trombone section plays by themselves, the rest of the band cuts out,” said McIntyre. The performance was a hit. ” Something really special happened on Saturday night for us,” said Matt Norris, a sophomore at the school. The group took first place in Division III. ” The states is the biggest competition so we’re officially the champions,” said Seraphina Provenzano with a smile. Matt Dunning is the champ for Division III Outstanding Musicianship for his alto sax solos. ” It’s my senior year, it’s a great way to end it,” said Dunning. An amazing announcement was made at the awards ceremony. ” In the first time in the history of the universe we’re giving out one trophy to the entire trombone section of John Bapst High School. The place went crazy and it was just so exciting,” explained McIntyre. The kids say it’s chemistry, McIntyre credits talent and hard work. Either way, they’ve made history.