Dedham Mom Pleads Guilty to Home Burglary Spree 

A woman from Dedham accused of taking part in a burglary spree with her daughter is going to jail for three months. 52-year-old Lorrie Gray pleaded guilty Thursday to 14 charges in connection with eight home burglaries. They took place in Dedham, Glenburn, Hermon and Orrington last summer and fall. Gray was arrested with 22-year-old Lindsey Ames after they were pulled over in Bangor in October. Police say their car matched the description of a car seen leaving a home that was broken into earlier that day.Prosecutors say for now Gray’s avoiding more jail time by going into the Hancock County drug court program after she serve her three months. Authorities are still trying to determine how much restitution she owes but it could be tens of thousands of dollars. We’re told Ames has also been accepted in the drug court program but has not yet pleaded guilty.