LePage Addresses Abandoned Veto Threat; Says He Didn’t Know Bills Were On His Desk 

Six bills went into law this week without the governor’s signature.Governor LePage had threatened to veto all bills until his hospital repayment plan was passed by lawmakers.At a press conference Thursday, reporters asked the governor why he didn’t stick to his guns on the veto threat. LePage pleaded ignorance, saying no one on his staff told him the bills were on his desk. “The bills came down and no one alerted me that they were down here until the 19th which is the day they had to go back up. I decided it was best to let them go because I was the one that was not ready to veto,” LePage told reporters. Skowhegan Democrat Jeff McCabe seemed perplexed by the governor’s explanation, saying this is an issue the governor needs to take up with his staff. “There’s a disconnect between the governor’s office and the work the legislature is doing. You know I just find that bizarre at best,” McCabe said.The bills addressed a variety of issues ranging from seed potato certification to fishing and the Maine College Savings Program.LePage was aloof when asked if he would make good on his veto threat when another round of bills lands on his desk, assuming those bills arrive before the hospital repayment bill is addressed. “I will tell you, fool me once shame on me. Let’s do it again and see what happens,” LePage said.The Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee have a scheduled work session for Friday morning to continue their discussion of the hospital debt issue.