Perth-Andover Residents Remember St. John River Flood 

It was just about a year ago when the Saint John River spilled over its banks. It led to the worst flooding in the history of Perth-Andover, New Brunswick.Perth-Andover Fire Chief Phillip Walker says the flood conditions began the day before – an ice jam formed above the village and moved down throughout the day. He remembers the river being low before 7:00AM, and by 7:45, the roads were already flooded. “You could watch it rise on a stick, that’s how quick it came up.”By 10:30AM, town officials called for a voluntary evacuation of homes and businesses and by 11:00, that became mandatory. According to Dan Dionne, around 100 homes, 15 apartment building, and 35 businesses, were holding water. The Village Offices, where he works, had about 3 and a half feet. “It was shocking that the water elevation would get that high in the community and to come back in and see the files and just everything destroyed, just like some sort of bomb exploded inside the office, so to speak. It was terrible.””This is what people had to face, it was in their homes,” said Terry Ritchie, mayor of Perth-Andover. “It was like 4-5 feet and even higher.”Ritchie says it was two days before the water went down, and three days before people could even think about reentering their homes. Easily the worst flood in this small village’s history, affecting over three hundred people.”It was very depressing for a lot of people and very stressful for people that had their homes flooded and their businesses flooded,” said Dionne. “People had a whole lot of emotions at the time.”Many residents remain in homes that need to be relocated to safer ground.