Maine Clean Elections Program Faces Possible Cuts 

Maine’s clean elections program went under the microscope of the appropriations committee in Augusta Wednesday.As part of his 2-year spending plan Governor LePage has proposed stripping around $4 million from the voter-approved program.A LePage spokesperson says he wants to help Maine’s most vulnerable citizens, not its most vulnerable politicians, but supporters of the program say if this measure passes it opens the door for big money to play an even larger role in Maine’s elections.”We can’t afford to balance this budget asking Augusta lawmakers to take up Washington-style fundraising tactics at the expense of Maine people. Maine put this law in place because they want a government of, by and for the people. Not wealthy campaign contributors,” said Andrew Bossie, of Maine Citizens for Clean Election.Maine Clean Elections was passed by voters in 1996.It gives public financing to qualified candidates running for the state house, state senate and governor.