Governor LePage Urging Democrats to Set Date to Pay Maine’s Hospitals 

Governor LePage is urging Senate President and Speaker to come up with a date by which the Legislature will enact the hospital bill. “Maine people know that the biggest issue facing our state is the almost $500 million we owe to the hospitals,” Governor LePage said. “The Legislature has had my bill for two months. The time to pay our bills is now.” “Also, until the bill to pay the hospitals is on my desk, I am asking the Legislature to record votes on the items before them. Maine people deserve to know where their representatives stand, whether it is to override my vetoes or when they pass the laws,” continued the Governor. Previously, Governor LePage said he would veto any bill that came to his desk before the hospital repayment plan was passed. Tuesday, he let six bills go into law without his signature.The six bills are:LD 2, Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 252: Rules Governing Certification of Seed Potatoes in the State of Maine, A Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry:LD 26, An Act to Authorize the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Change a Fishing Season Opening Date Statewide:LD 32, An Act to Expand the Types of Vaccines That May Be Administered by Pharmacists:LD 103, An Act to Correct an Inconsistency in Maine’s Apprenticeship Laws:LD 112, An Act to Make Changes to the Educators for Maine Program: andLD 113, An Act to Make Changes to the Maine College Savings Program.