Portland Residents Reflect on Large Snowfall 

Last year at this time, quite a different story.It was seventy degrees in maine. The scene on Portland’s East End Beach one year ago: warm and sunny with people everywhere.”I think the last couple of years have been a blessing for the early spring, so it’s about time we have a real Maine winter.” A real Maine winter that’s putting a pinch on snow-removal budgets. The city of Portland is already 8% over-budget this week. “Public safety is our number one priority, so our public safety is what we’re going to focus on at the time right now,” said Director of Public Services, Eric Labelle. “How we finish out the budget year, that may be affected.” Nearly 50 city workers will be on 16-hour shifts.”We’re getting back and loading trucks, making sure everything’s operating as we need it to operate, and we’ll be ready for tonight,” Eric said. A couple from Kennebunkport decided to leave early for a business trip to South Carolina. “We kind of figured spring was here, but there’s a big storm coming so we’re glad we’re leaving now.” It will take foot of snow with this storm for Portland to hit the one hundred inch mark for this winter.The all-time record is the winter of 1970-71, when 141 inches fell on Maine’s largest city.