Kids Spend Snow Day Jumping Around in Bangor 

No school because of the snowstorm has some kids jumping for joy. For a popular spot in Bangor, a little snow, doesn’t stop the fun. ” About 5,000 kids come through our doors every week,” said Ryan Hatch, owner of The Maine Jump. ” I run around and see if I can get on the giant slide,” said Matthew. ” I like to run around and play with my sister,” added Cameron. ” I like that we get to be inside and in a bounce house,” explained Ethan. Instead of digging through snow, these kids are moving quickly down slides. ” There’s all fun slides and they are all slippery and they go fast and there are obstacle courses,” said Cameron with a smile. It’s a much different snow day than the ones the owner of The Maine Jump had as a kid. ” My parents would throw me outside on a snow day and say don’t come back til it’s dark,” said Hatch. It’s a way for the kids to burn off some energy and it keeps them jumping at the chance for another snow day.