Patrons Take Advantage of Earlier Pub Hours on Saint Patrick’s Day 

Crowds packed the bars at an early hour this St. Patty’s Day.Geaghan’s Manager Andrew Geaghan was well prepared. “Ahh St. Patty’s Day. It’s that special time of year where we all get together and hoot and holler,” Geaghan said.While everyone is free to join in on the festivities, patron Kyle O’Connell was proud to show off his heritage. “I’m Irish. I have to it’s a rule. It’s a good excuse to drink at six in the morning,” O’Connell said.There was more to celebrate than just being Irish. Governor Paul LePage signed emergency legislation allowing bars to open at 6 in the morning whenever St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday.”We’re celebrating the Governor,” said mayor of Brewer Kevin O’Connell. “That’s what we’re doing. The fact that the house, the senate and the governor can be on the same page at one time, that blows away every citizen in the State of Maine,” he said.One couple and some loyal patrons of Geaghan’s Pub were also celebrating their Anniversary and a Birthday. Mike and Lisa Grant said they would have been out regardless of the new law.”It doesn’t matter what time they start serving, we’re here for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Lisa.Geaghan’s manager said while this law is a start, lawmakers still have a long way to go. He’s pushing for a law that would allow bars to sell alcohol starting at five in the morning.”That’s a nice step in the right direction having it be one day. It’s cool and all but it’s not a make or break sort of thing. It’s really important we look at these laws for the long haul,” said Geaghan.Being open just three hours earlier made quite the difference for one pub. Owner of Paddy Murphy’s John Dobbs said the turnout was greater than he’s seen since the pub opened seven years ago.”It’s fantastic. I would even say this is our best St. Patty’s Day so far by far,” he said.