Zone Radio Kicks off “Copper for Change” Challenge 

Pennies could help restore a landmark in Bangor.It’s part of Zone Radio’s “Copper for Change” Challenge. The radio station cluster is looking to raise money to restore the Bangor Public Library’s 100-year-old copper roof.Over the next few weeks, the station will be giving water jugs to local businesses – challenging them to fill the jug with pennies. The radio stations will match the fund raised up for up to $50,000.Zone Radio Operations Manager, Kenn Wood said “This isn’t just for Bangor, it’s for all the surrounding communities. We know people who work here in Orrington use the Bangor Public Library and Clifton, and so on and so forth. It’s a state library, all you need is a card.”Wood said they’ll need about 34,000 pounds of pennies to meet their goal of $3 million.If you’d like to get your business involved or want to donate yourself you can head to for more information.