Unidentified Smell Upsets Residents At Bangor Apartment Complex 

Bangor resident Laurie Baker is upset. She believes a foul smell at her Autumn Park West apartment complex has made her sick.”Sunday morning I got up and my eyes were swollen shut, blood shot. My face was like burnt, my neck, my feet, I was very ill,” said Baker. “It was a combination of smells. Some people descried it as a rubbery smell. The there was like a propane smell,” said Baker’s neighbor, Bill Wilford. Baker says she and her neighbors made many complaints to the Bangor Housing Authority and police over the past month, but they never smelled what she believed was making her sick until this week.”I called emergency maintenance for Bangor Housing. I said look. Im getting out of here. I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to die. My dog’s dying. We’re ill,” said Baker. “I think we actually responded to a pretty complicated issue as quickly as we could. We even responded with an engineering firm to do some air quality tests. They determined there was some interesting or bad air there,” said Mike Myatt, Executive Director of the Bangor Housing Authority. When the tests came back toxic, the housing authority got the police involved. “When you identify certain chemicals, people think of certain things drug related or meth labs or whatever, but we’ve found none of that here. Local law enforcements have found none of that here,” said Myatt. While officials are still not sure what the smell is from or if it was definitely the cause of Baker’s sickness, the Housing Authority has put Baker and other tenants up in a hotel while they get the apartment complex cleaned. “Before we move folks back in, we’re going to retest. We’re going to make sure the air is safe before people go back in. If those tests come back and there is still something there, we just have to reevaluate and figure out what it is,” said Myatt. Baker tells me she isn’t trying to bash Bangor Housing Authority, she just wishes they had done something about this sooner.”I think three-four weeks ago when this was first going on, chemical testing should have been done. Before the dog and I got so ill,” said Baker. “Every complaint we get from every resident, we respond to in an appropriate way and as quickly as we can. We take the safety of our residents extremely seriously,” said Myatt.