Moosehead Lake Teachers Get Lesson in Technology 

A day off from students, but still quite a day of learning for educators in the Moosehead Lake region.500 teachers from around the area gathered in Guilford for a lesson on using technology in the classroom.”It is amazing. It’s been a great opportunity to do a little bit of playing with, to get instruction,” said Crystal Priest, SAD 4 Technology Coordinator. A window to the world of technology in education was opened in Guilford Friday. 500 teachers gathered at the Moose Tech Regional Technology Conference, at Piscataquis Community Secondary School. “It’s an opportunity for teachers around the Moosehead Lake region to get together, learn more about technology and how to use it in the classroom,” said Penquis secondary education teacher, Jeremy Bousquet.99 sessions in all different kinds of technology were offered in areas like web design, video in the classroom, IPads, Google apps, digital scientific data, and reading assistance. “When we move more and more to the modern classroom, believe it or not, it is becoming a huge part and for us to identify the issues and the needs, not only with our students, but our staff is something that we’re doing here,” “The kids, if they don’t understand how to use technology effectively, they’re not really going to be literate in the 21st century. Teachers need to understand that and we need top be able to teach the kids how to use the technology effectively.”Most of the teachers were local educators and even though some aren’t early adopters of every existing form of technology, they’re glad to be given the opportunity to learn. “I presented about I movies myself and being about to use them real quickly in the classroom. To get time for both instruction and to play has been just a pleasure.”