Maine’s Highest Court Overturns Sentence of Convicted Sex Offender 

Maine’s highest court has overturned the conviction of a former Searsport music teacher accused of molesting a seventh grade girl.William Wiley had been sentenced to three years behind bars after being found guilty of sexually abusing the girl over a six month period in 2004.In his appeal, Wiley argued he had not been advised of his Miranda rights prior to interrogation, and his statements made before and after his arrest were involuntary. The Supreme Court agreed.According to court documents, during interrogation a detective urged Wiley to confess in order to prevent putting his family through a public proceeding and serve a little time in county jail followed by probation instead of time in state prison.The District Attorney’s office could retry Wiley, but they would not be able to use the interrogation or any of the statements used before and after Wiley’s arrest.The DA’s Office has not yet made a decision on if they will retry Wiley.