Hundreds of Students Show Off Skills in Trades Competition 

Hundreds of students who’ve spent even more hours learning the skills of a trade competed in Bangor to day.All of them hope to come away with a prize and an even bigger win in their careers. From construction to auto body work to medical care. This competition among high school students learning certified trades covers it all. “Today is like the tournament basketball games that just happened. This is the tournament basketball games for the C.T. students in the state of Maine,” say Wayne Jackson with United Technologies Center.More than 700 students showed off what they’ve learned for the annual SkillsUSA Competition at United Technologies Center and Eastern Maine Community College.And for everyone of them, it’s serious. Junior Julie Dumond says, “So by the time they judged our portfolio, we’re waiting, our nerves are high because we just wanted to get it over with. But then when we finally got it done, it was just like a big relief off our shoulders.”Jackson says, “Every student that comes here is the cream of the crop. They’re the best students in their class that come here to compete.”The winners in nearly four dozen categories will go on to the national competition.But it’s not all about the prize.Junior Emma Brickman says, “Even if we don’t win anything, just coming here was reward enough to see everyone else’s presentation and see everyone else from all our school being successful.”Organizers say this is a great way for students to start catching the eye of potential employers. Jackman says, “It’s a confidence builder. They get to meet new people and just kick off their career, you know, big time.”Building a resume for a brighter future.