Bucksport Couple is More Than a Perfect Match 

Butch and Vicky Osborne knew they were a perfect match when they got married almost 13 years ago, but they didn’t know just how perfect.”It was shocking because the chances of her matching are one in a million and when the test came back, I was shocked,” said Butch.When Butch’s kidneys were failing, he needed a transplant. Vicky volunteered her blood for a test and the rest is history. Vicky said “His red blood cells didn’t kill mine. They didn’t attack, so I guess my blood likes her too.”Their match is actually better then what doctors hope for. “They anticipated the function at 50% and he’s functioning at 70%, which is even better than what he had 13 years ago when he only had 50% of both his kidneys,” said Mrs. Osborne. The Osborne’s hope their story is a wake up call for other couples. The kidney recipient said “If you never get checked, even a yearly physical or something, people don’t know damage is occurring and you don’t know a clue that it is out there.”Just three months after the surgery, this couple is doing better than ever.