Hartland Consolidated School Students Get Active and Fit 

More than 12,000 students from 59 elementary schools in Maine took on a challenge to get fit. The goal of the program is to motivate kids and their families to make exercise fun. It wasn’t a typical day Thursday at the Hartland Consolidated School. ” When the students came in this morning you could feel the excitement bubbling right off from them. They were so excited about it,” said Kelly McCullough, physical educator teacher at the school. The kids have a lot to be excited about. They took on the ” Get Active, Get Fit” School Fitness Challenge from September to November, and won. ” All of the schools that signed up, the students agreed to participate in the minimum amount of exercise during that time period,” explained Chris Dugan, director of public relations for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine and the MEA Benefits Trust hosted the challenge. It’s a way to get kids thinking about exercise as something fun. ” It’s not work, it’s not a chore. It’s part of what you can do and being healthy is fun,” said Dugan. The Radio Disney crew from Boston stopped by the school Thursday as a special treat. ” We danced, we had games, we did relays and dancing competitions,” explained Aiden Trafton, a 3rd grader at the school. ” It was fun because we got to do a lot of dancing with our friends,” added Adrienne Dyer, a 2nd grader at the school. As part of the challenge, they had to do 30 minutes of exercise a day. ” It’s the only body they’re gonna have for the rest of their lives, so I’m happy anytime that the kids have a chance to think about taking care of it, becoming healthier, stronger,” said McCullough. As the kids showed off their dance moves they also learned that exercise is a big deal. ” So you can stay healthy and be in good shape,” said Trafton. ” It’s important because it means you stay healthy and active,” added Dyer. Even though Radio Disney won’t be back at the school anytime soon, being active will remain an every-day thing at Hartland Consolidated School. Eagle Lake Elementary School and Searsport Elementary School also won the ” Get Active, Get Fit” School Fitness Challenge.