Take This Job & Love It: Ice Bar & Lounge 

In this “Take This Job & Love It” Chelsey Anderson helped carve an ice bar at the Samoset in Rockport.During the January thaw she worked with a 20 year veteran on 43-hundred pounds of ice.—————Tim Pierce, Exec Chef & Head Ice Carver, Samoset- “This is a little drawing of our patio””It’s probably going to be a fifteen foot ice bar.””We’ll have to measure out and mark on the floor here where we are going to put the ice and then we can start putting it into place.””We’re going to stack two of these on top and then we’re going to cut one of these in half and that will be the top of the bar.””You’re going to come over here and just push on it. Just push it over.””Now we’ve got our ice. We’re going to spin it around and then push it right up to the line there if you want to give it a good push. That’s good.””We’re just going to clean up the end a little bit.””We’re going to push another block right next to it.””They’ll meet nice and clean.””I’m going to have you just push there and then I’m going to run the chainsaw between the two.” Chelsey- “Why are you doing that?”Tim- “When I run the saw down, the saw will follow any cracks or imperfections but it will make them the same on each side, so they’ll come together nice and tight.” Chelsey- “Okay.” “It’s a bed of screws on a piece of plywood and we’re going to use it as a big piece of sand paper.””Grab it and we’re just going to swirl it like this, okay.””Ah, look at that. Nice and smooth. Ready to go for the next layer.””The next blocks we’re going to put on top of them so we’re going to need to grind them down a little bit so we get them flat and then we’ll flip them up on top.””At this point we’re going to grab one more block, scratch coat it, and put it up on here.””Let’s give them on push together. Very good. So now we need a little ice glue.”Chelsey- “You mean water.” Tim- “I’m going to mean some water. Plenty of it.””You can see this froze up pretty quick. It’s not wet anymore.” Chelsey- “Yeah.” Tim- “So now we can trim the top. Then we’ll nail board the top and then we’ve got to get the big saw out to cut the top.” Chelsey- “okay.””So the big saw gets things done fast.””Alright you ready?” “This is going to be the top of our bar.””We’ve got to iron this one and then we’ll set this one on.””The irons are basically, they’re going to heat up some aluminum plates. They’re something we use to glue the ice together.””That looks real good right there.””Ready to decorate a little.””We just want to smooth that out get rid of the saw marks and make it as round as we can.””I’m going to make a little funnel to pour the liquor down into.””So we got a little snowflake.””Alright, we’re ready to step up to the bar now.”Chelsey- “We tried our best to make an ice bar today, but how did I do.” Tim- “It’s a lot of heavy lifting but you did real well for your first time out. I think you may have to grow a little bit to be a bartender at this bar though. It’s a little bit tall.” (laughter) Chelsey- “I’ve heard that more than once doing these Take This Jobs. Thanks a lot.” Tim- “You’re very welcome. Thank you.”——————-And even though that bar has melted away, don’t worry, there are already plans for next year.If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It,” email us at [email protected]