Parents Report “Gang Like” Activity At Guilford School 

Gang-like activity in Guilford is prompting parents to speak out.On Tuesday, the MSAD 4 school board invited parents to their monthly meeting, to discuss what many believe is a growing problem.They say 7th and 8th graders at Piscataquis Community Secondary School are wearing colors, identifying them as being part of a gang, and causing trouble.Several parents mentioned the group “Green Saints” as being a collection of students bullying their children.On Friday, a fight broke out between two boys. One of them was connected to the suspected group. In response, an officer from the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office will be on hand for the next two weeks.That officer has also been monitoring social media for examples of “cyber bullying” among students.Parents say the bullying isn’t just online, and they want the school to take action.Principal Kevin Harrington says the issue of gang related activity and bullying will be discussed again at the next school board meeting on April 9th.