Ellsworth Students Vote For Best Pets 

Fourth graders at Ellsworth Elementary Middle School have a very big job.They were judges Wednesday afternoon for the Ellsworth American’s Annual Pet Parade Contest. “This year my class signed up. I thought it would be a great experience. I have a lot of pet lovers in my classroom,” said Mrs. Hatt, a teacher at the school.”We had these beans that we put in cups that were in front of the pictures, and we voted for the ones we thought were the cutest,” said Lilja Jnson.50 pets were submitted by readers. The kids will be voting on who they think is the best dog, the best cat, and the best in the “other” category.”What I’ve found, the younger that they are, they take it very seriously. And they are very fair,” said Letitia Baldwin, the arts editor at the Ellsworth American.Pouring over pictures of adorable animals seems like it would be all fun. But, deciding who gets the vote, isn’t so easy, but it comes with a good lesson.”I hope the students take with them the fact that when you vote, it’s not always an easy decision. There’s going to be some tough choices and just go with what in their hearts,” said Hatt.The winners will be announced in the next edition on next Thursday.