A New Best Friend For A Bangor Man 

Two weeks ago, Chris Kingsbury got a phone call he had been waiting around for, for years.”They said do you know where Shaw’s grocery store is? And I said yes, I just came from Shaw’s, and they said can you be ready the 13th and I said just tell me a time and I’ll be there,” said Kingsbury. Kingsbury showed up with a smile. After two and a half years on a waiting list, the Bangor resident received a service dog donation thanks to the folks at Shaw’s, Milk-Bone, and Canine Assistance, a non-profit organization that provides service dogs without a cost. “All of our dogs are trained to help folks with physical disabilities,” said Kevin Ballance, volunteer coordinator for Canine AssistantsParalyzed in his right arm and leg after an accident in 1978, the now 64 year old Kingsbury is looking forward to life with his new pup.”Oh it’s going to give me an extra set, an extra arm, so when I drop a can of soup at the pantry, it is going to pick up the soup, if I drop cell phone or keys pick them up,” he said. While the dog Kingsbury met today is not actually his, he’ll meet his four legged friend at canine camp in Georgia.”They spend two weeks on our property with us. The second day of camp, they will get matched with a dog, and the remainder of that time is spent learning about their dog,” explained Ballance. “I’m really looking forward to going down because I don’t know what the dog is going to be. It could be a golden doodle or it could be a lab,” said Kingsbury. When Kingsbury gets home from camp, he’ll be sure to show off his new furry friend at his local stomping grounds.”The first place is gonna be around here, Shaw’s, to do some shopping,” said Kingsbury.