TV5 Weather Team Sorts Out Unusual Forecast at Bangor School 

It was raining food at an elementary school in Bangor Tuesday.Thankfully, the TV5 Weather team was on hand to sort out the unusual forecast. TV5 meteorologist Chris Ewing is an expert when it comes to explaining the weather. But this is one storm that could have him stumped. “It was raining food and stuff a lot,” says Lucas, a kindergartener at Abraham Lincoln School.Teacher Meghan Jordan says, “It’s raining and snowing mashed potatoes, pancakes are flying in the air. The school shuts down because a pancake falls on it.”Chris, along with TV5’s Todd Simcox and Rob Lydic, spent the morning with kindergarteners at Abraham Lincoln School to help kick off a study about the weather.Teacher April Miller says, “We’re reading a lot of weather books, we’re talking about weather vocabulary, we’re using this as an opportunity to introduce non-fiction elements of stories and have children read and write about the weather as well.”Kindergartener Dashel says, “I also like summer because in the summer you get to go to Pancoe Pool.”The class time also gave students a chance to learn what it takes to put together a forecast. “He tells us he guesses what the weather would be,” says Sedona, a kindergartener. “It was a great introduction to our weather unit. It going to get them excited and a lot of them are raising their hands saying they want to be meteorologists someday,” says teacher Sarah Carvell.And hopefully they won’t be faced with a forecast of meatballs, either. Miller says, “Weather’s something that affects us everyday, so it’s something that they’re going to need to understand for the rest of their life.”