State Police: Suspicious Death Investigation is Very Complex 

State police are investigating a suspicious death in Molunkus Township, near Medway. Police say it is related to Monday’s deadly standoff on I-95 near Lincoln. The body of Lawrence Lewis, 68, was found inside his house on Monday night. ” We’re not a position right now where we can draw many conclusions,” said Lt. Chris Coleman with the Maine State Police. Police say this is a very complex investigation that is still in its beginning stages. Police will confirm it has some connection with a standoff Monday night. ” During the standoff information came to us that led us here,” explained Coleman. Bruce King, 59, who was also known as Bruce Heal, shot himself in the head during the standoff. He was the passenger in a UHaul truck. The driver, a 43-year-old woman, was not hurt and is being interviewed by police. ” What the relationship was and ultimately what led to the evidence,” said Coleman, describing what they hope to find out. Fifteen members of the Maine State Police are working this case. They are searching motels in the Medway area where King had reportedly been staying. ” We have multiple scenes, we have multiple searches going on. We have teams of detectives interviewing many people. It’s just gonna take a few days to get those answers,” said Coleman. Neighbors of Lewis say they didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary at the house on Monday. Police will not say if they have any suspects. ” People should take normal precautions. There’s nothing about this particular case that would heighten that,” said Coleman. Lewis’ body is being taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. Police say the investigation could take several days. Lawrence Lewis was a registered sex offender. He was convicted of sexually assaulting someone under the age of 14. Police say they are looking into whether that has any connection to this case.