Maine Third Grader Wins National T-Shirt Design Contest 

A third grader in northern Maine has won a national prize for clothing design.He took the grand prize in Aeropostale’s “What Makes You Smile” t-shirt design contest. Austin Delisle is proudly sporting his newest t-shirt, but this isn’t just any t-shirt. Not only did he design it himself, it also got him national recognition. This dragon design was selected back in December as the grand prize winner in PS from Aeropostale’s national t-shirt design contest.”He was quite speechless he gets kinda shy and he didn’t know what to do with himself,” said Austin’s mother, “but after, later, he’s like ‘mom, I’m really excited that I won.'”When asked, Austin said it, “feels good, really good.”Winners were selected nationwide in grades 1 through 5, and Austin was the winner for third grade. In an assembly on Wednesday, Aeropostale representatives presented the student at Wallagrass Elementary school with a $500 store gift certificate and his school a check for $1,000. Representatives say hundreds of kids all over sent in drawings, so this is a feat that Austin should truly be proud of.”He’s definitely a go-getter. He takes a lot of initiative around the school and with his family and in the community and stuff so its a great honor for Austin for sure, very proud of him.”In addition to getting a gift certificate and this check for his school, Austin also gets 50 t-shirts with his design on them to give to friends and family. He says it’s a design he came up with in the car on the way to Bangor while doodling with his friend.”Austin is a kid that loves to doodle if he has paper and pencil he loves it,” commented his mother. “And so he was in the back with Eden and he was drawing all these geometric designs and Eden said that looks like a dragon.”And after Austin had submitted his drawing, it was the community that rallied around him, voted for him, and really made this happen.”It’s great to see this small community and this small town and people who are just really excited and embracing it. Just to see a small community come together I think its awesome,” said a rep of Aeropostale.”They really helped me win so. . .” reflected Austin.Just goes to show, that when you’ve got a dream like Austin did, and support from the people around you, nearly anything is possible.Austin says he’s going to share the gift certificate with his two brothers and his friend Eden.Principal Charette says he’ll consult with Austin before deciding where the school’s thousand dollars should go.