People Of All Ages Enjoy Winter Ride In Augusta 

With spring just around the corner, over 200 people in Augusta headed out to have some winter fun before it goes.Heywood Kennel Sled Dog Adventures has joined a program so you don’t have to.”It’s a wonderful partnership that we have formed with the Viles Arboretum and we’ve been able to bring our dogs teams here, and people have lined up to have a ride,” said dog musher Lindy Howe.It’s the third time this winter they’ve invited people to come out and ride.”It’s one of many events that’s designed to bring people to the arboretum to see this wonderful preserve of 224 acres,” said the arboretum executive director, Mark DesMeules.Organizers think this spot is ideal for an adventure like this.”There’s a section where you really feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere and that’s all part of the experience of dog sledding,” Mark DesMeules.It’s something not many people get the chance to do everyday.”I don’t know how many times we’ve heard people say this on my bucket list. This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Howe.Warmer temperatures made waiting in line easier.Out on the trail, student volunteers helped keep the ride smooth.”We’re shoveling the snow onto the trail to make sure there’s enough for the sleds to glide on,” said Darcy Ahern, a sophomore at Colby College.With it most likely being the last time to take this ride this season, it’s no doubt these dogs will be ready to go again next winter.