Montville Grange Hall Closed After Inspection 

Grange goers in Montville got a grim welcome to the Community Hall on Friday. The Union Harvest Grange was locked. The monthly community dinner and dance had to be moved to a private residence up the street. That’s because a state fire marshal’s inspection found structural deficiencies in the building last week. State law says that public buildings have 10 days following a failed inspection to say what they plan to do in terms of repairs. The town has now temporarily closed the building, as well as the town’s meeting house across the street. The buildings are regularly used for town gatherings and local legislative meetings. Now, those groups have nowhere to assemble. Montville residents are calling on the town’s select board to use a portion of the 1500 dollars they voted to allocate for grange repairs. WABI reached out to each member of the Montville selectboard, as well as the town’s fire chief.They were not available for comment.