Former Bangor Asst. Superintendent Investigation Cost More Than $12K 

The investigation into The Bangor School District’s former assistant superintendent cost the city more than $12,000. Superintendent Betsy Webb announced Robert Lucy’s resignation Wednesday night, saying his last day on the job is March 29th. Webb tells TV5 the price tag for the investigation came in at $12,678.77. That does not include the $50,865 Lucy will have been paid by the time he leaves the district. Lucy was put on administrative leave nearly six months ago, at the end of September. It came a Department of Education investigation report that stated, while Principal at Orono Middle School, Lucy asked teachers to let some students “re-visit” their state exams.According to the report, some students did look at their tests again, and re-worked answers, which is not allowed. The Superintendent says the district’s investigation is complete but the results are confidential and will not be publicly released.