A Sweet Surprise For A Cancer Patient From Milford 

Jessi Mallory is a disc jockey from Milford. But after being diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer, she’s had to put her turn tables aside. “We found out in October and the treatment started about 8 weeks ago, so it’s been a process. Daily treatments of radiation, 6 chemos, 5 surgeries, so it can knock you down and your spirits,” said Jessi. After a few months without music, Jessi’s family thought she could use some cheering up on her last day of radiation treatment. They surprised her with a visit from the “Cancer Free Fairy.” “It was surprising. It was great. It was just what I needed,” Jessi said laughing. “I wanted to do something for her. I was driving home one day and I thought…a cancer fairy,” said the organizer of the surprise, and the mother of Jessi’s girlfriend, Debbie Taggett.”That was pretty amazing for her to do. I definitely thank her. It’s been a long road,” said Jessi’s girlfriend, Chastity Ellis. A long road indeed, but Jessi has stayed positive thanks to surprises like this. “People have been so supportive in keeping things light for me. It’s helped me, helped me through it,” she said. “It’s definitely good to see her smile and know we are at the end,” said Ellis. And when Jessi finally beats this disease,”I’m going to deejay my own “I don’t have cancer anymore” party!,” she said.Will she invite the Cancer Free fairy?”I think he deserves it. To show up looking like that in public. Yah he deserves it,” said Jessi.