Bangor School Celebrates “Read Across America” Week 

Many schools across the country are participating in “Read Across America” week, but one school in Bangor is getting the community involved.The Fairmount School opened its doors for community members on Wednesday.Bangor Police Detective, Myron Warner visited Mrs. Evans 5th grade class. He read the book “Each Kindness,” a story about a girl who was bullied when she moved to a new school.The fifth grade teacher said campaigns like “Read Across America” are important for students, because she believes reading is the key to a successful life. “I want them to get as much of a well rounded education as they can and that means hearing from other people, having discussions about other ways of life and how things work,” said Mary Evans. The event is also meant to inspire kids to read. Adults showed the students that even long after you graduate, reading can still be fun.