Monson Couple Called Heroes After Saving A Woman’s Life 

On a slippery Monday morning Eddie Philbrook and his wife Tammy saw cars going off the road left and right on Rt. 7 in Dover-Foxcroft. But there was something different about one accident that made Tammy tell Eddie to pull over. “She was like oh my God there’s a van in the water, so I just backed up put it in park and bailed out,” said Eddie PhilbrookThe van had gone over a guardrail into a brook, and the driver, Linda Bowden, was trapped inside, stuck in her seat belt, while the van began filling with water. Eddie did not think twice about jumping into the knee deep, freezing water to save her. His wife a traveling nurse was right behind.”I just wanted to get to her as soon as possible,” said Eddie Philbrook. He did, and Laura escaped with only a few cuts and bruises. “The wife gave her some dry clothes and a blanket. She took the MD part. I took her out,” said Eddie Philbrook. He didn’t just take her out. He saved Linda’s life. Her son called Ed to thank him.”He was very much appreciative,” said Eddie Philbrook. So were other members of the family who sent messages to the rescuers. “I heard your husband cut her out of the seat belt. I want to thank you from the bottom of my family’s heart,” said Tammy Philbrook, reading a message from a relative. To Laura and her family, Ed is a hero.”I don’t think I’m a hero. I don’t think I would have done anything different than anyone else would have done,” he said. His wife disagrees “I think he’s a hero. He thinks anyone would have done what he did, but we watched two cars drive by and they didn’t stop to help,” she said. The couple’s bravery has made them the talk of the town in Monson.”I didn’t want no show or nothing like that,” Eddie Philbrook said laughing. “He’s been quite embarrassed of the whole thing. I don’t think you should feel ashamed or embarrassed you should feel proud because you saved someone’s life,” said Tammy Philbrook.