Anson Man Convicted Of Murder Heading To Prison For 45 Years 

41-year-old Robert Nelson of Anson will spend the next 45 years behind bars. Nelson was back in court Tuesday, trading in his suit and tie from his trial for handcuffs and a green prison jumpsuit. Last December, Superior Court Judge John Nivison found Nelson guilty of shooting and killing 60-year-old Everett Cameron and stealing his prescription drugs on Halloween back in 2009. “At the time of his death, Everett Cameron was a hostage to the defendant’s actions and for an instant he must have known his fate,” Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea told Nivison at the sentencing. Prosecutors asked for a 55-year sentence, arguing that Cameron, who was suffering from cancer and was selling his prescription Oxycodone to multiple people including Nelson, refused to sell Nelson any more drugs until Nelson settled a $35 debt he owed for drugs he had previously bought. That confrontation turned deadly. “The evidence established that, at a very close range, the defendant raised the gun and fired a .30 caliber bullet directly into the left cheek, eye area of Everett’s face,” Zainea said.One-by-one Everett Cameron’s family addressed the court, urging Nivison to send Nelson to prison for the rest of his life. “Since his death there’s an empty spot at the table. That’s what I miss most. Those times at the table,” said Cameron’s fiance Ginny Hayden.Cameron’s only son also addressed the court. “There are many things now I can’t show my own son, ” Everett Cameron Sr. said. “I was learning how to be a better man and better father through his guidance. When the headstone was put into place, my son ran over and kissed it and said, ‘Goodbye, Grampy.'” Nelson has steadfastly maintained his innocence and didn’t waver from that stance when he addressed the court Tuesday. “First and foremost, I’d like to express my deepest sympathy to the family of Everett Cameron and their loss. I’m sorry I have no remorse for this. As I stated in my testimony under God and under oath I did not kill Everett Cameron and I will fight until my name is cleared,” Nelson said.Nelson’s defense team asked for the minimum 25-year sentence. Defense attorney Phillip Mohlar argued that since Everett Cameron was in essence a drug dealer, this was closer to manslaughter than murder.Nivison disagreed, sentencing Nelson to serve 45-years behind bars.Outside the courtroom Cameron’s family says they respect the judge’s decision, but say they’re outraged Nelson won’t accept responsibility for the murder. “He’s a very cold hearted man that deserved everything he got,” Cameron Sr. said. “I’ll never have him again, but I’ll always have my thoughts and memories.”