Van Submerged in Water, Man Jumps in to Save Driver 

A scary few moments for a woman in Dover-Foxcroft on Monday morning. Her van ended up in a brook. Police say the woman was driving on Route 7 when she drove over some slush on the road, lost control, hit a guardrail and ended up with her van upside down in the water. She reportedly couldn’t get her seat belt off, but thankfully, someone jumped in to help her. ” The people behind her stopped. The car was submerged in the water and they got the victim out,” said Chief Dennis Dyer with the Dover-Foxcroft Police Department. ” Just thank that person, and I’d like to thank him in person,” said David Tilley, the son of the woman who was driving. We’re told the woman was taken to a hospital and is doing ok. Police say she’s lucky someone stopped to help her. Her son, David, wants to talk with the man who saved his mom. If that person is you, or you know who it is, give us a call because we know how to get you in touch with the son.