I Love My Pet: March 4, 2013 

Do you want to feature your pet on our station?To do so: Just send us a picture. E-mail it to WABI at Please put “Attention I Love My Pet” in the subject line.Or slip it in the mail. send to WABI TV5, Attention I Love My Pet, 35 Hildreth Street, Bangor 04401. If you’d like your picture back, include a self addressed, stamped envelope.Kennebec Valley Humane Society Pet of the Week: Meet LoisMeet Lois! Lois had an inner ear infection that affected her balance. A portion of the vestibular system, which provides information needed to hold the body in an upright position is located in the inner ear. This system tells the body where it is in relation to the earth. Because of the infection this system was injured and Lois developed a head tilt and severe balance issues. Even though the infection has been treated, Lois still has a head tilt and minor balance problems – mainly noted if she tries to jump up or down or is picked up. It is common for these symptoms to remain after an inner ear infection. These issues should not affect her long term health or life span. She will just have a cute crooked head and be rather clumsy! She is a 5-6 year old spayed female who came to KVHS in October as s stray. She is Very sweet, affectionate, loves to talk and seems okay with dogs and other cats!During cold weather, be sure to clean your pets’ paws for sand and road salt before they start licking it off. Different mixtures could be dangerous for your pet. For more information contact:Kennebec Valley Humane Society626-3491 or go