Farmers and Fisherman Meet with the Community in Bangor 

Farmers from Penobscot and Waldo counties met with members of the community Saturday.They came together for the annual Meet your Farmers and Fishermen: Community Supported Agriculture Fair.Farmers shared information about CSA farming.This process allows consumers to sign up for a weekly share of fresh food during the summer.In turn, farmers get paid at the start of the season, which is when they need money the most.(Erin Sweeny-Agriculture Organizer for Food and Medicine)”I’m really excited about the turnout today because its showing that there are more people in the area that are interested in supporting small local farmers.”(Rachel Katz-Owner of Terranian Farm)”I think that it’s always worthwhile to get people talking about local agriculture and healthy food and were here as something bigger than just our farms and our farm incomes.”The event was put together by Food & Medicine and the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association.