Community Leaders Discuss Budget Cuts 

Community leaders across Maine are bracing for budget cuts. On Monday, school administrators and local government officials met at Hampden Academy to discuss the impact of Governor LePage’s proposed state funding reductions.The two year budget plan eliminates revenue sharing with towns and cities. That program is designed to ease the burden of local government relying solely on property taxes to pay for local emergency services and education. Leaders from Hancock, Penobscot, and Piscataquis counties talked about the potential impact of those cutbacks.When it comes to education, they want to keep the cuts as far away from children as possible. “So in Bangor we look at what is in the best interest if our students, what do we need to accomplish our mission of academic excellence, what do we need to do to move forward with our strategic plan, and lastly what is fiscally responsible to our community,” said Dr. Betsy Webb, superintendent of Bangor Schools.Dr. Webb has been anticipating cuts since December. She says nothing is set in stone in terms of what could be slashed from the Bangor School District’s Budget.