Brewer Third Graders “Hangout” With First Lady Michelle Obama 

Cherrie MacInnes’ third grade class at Brewer Community School has met many new and interesting people via video chat.”It brings the world into the classroom,” said MacInnes.Now that technology has introduced them to a woman who most of the world would recognize. The first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, held a Google Plus Hangout on Monday as part of her “Let’s Move” campaign. Anyone could submit a video to become a part of it, so MacInnes and her third graders decided to enter the contest. “The students danced, we showed some different exercises,” explained MacInnes.They found out they were chosen less than a week ago. Since then, they’ve been preparing questions to ask the first lady.”We wanted to ask something about being active and having something to do with being healthy,” said third grader Emma Butterfield.They asked about how they can stay moving even when it’s a snowy day. Mrs. Obama encouraged them to go outside and play in the snow to get their heart pumping.”All of that is activity guys, you don’t have to be in an organized sport,” said Michelle Obama, during the chat.The students also asked how to keep kids eating healthy at lunch, when often the nutritious foods are thrown away.Mrs. Obama said, “The more info I think we can give our kids about why this stuff is important instead of just telling them to eat their fruits and vegetables, it would help them understand what it does for their bodies.”They got time for one fun question too. They said their favorite dance move is “raising the roof” and found out her’s is “The Dougie.”It’s all part of the overall message of this chat: In order to stay healthy, you’ve got to move.