Dexter Community Holds a Forum on the East-West Highway 

Mainers against the proposed East-West Corridor spoke out in Dexter on Saturday.The timeline for a highway running east and west across Maine is unclear, but the project manager says it will happen.Residents in the Dexter held a forum, so community members can ask questions.Many Mainers say they want to know the exact route of the project and who will be affected.One organizer said she doesn’t think it will be just a highway, she expects tar sands pipe lines and fracking gas pipelines. A Member of the Stop the East-West Corridor, Meg Gilmartin said “It threatens Maine’s way of life. Here we have a really strong community based rural traditions. Farming, treasuring our natural resources, hunting, fishing, and we want to protect those things.”Organizers said Project Manager for Cianbro, Darryl Brown denied an invitation to attend.