Maine Grain Conference comes to Bangor 

The 4th annual Maine Grain Conference was held in Bangor Friday. About 90 people gathered at Spectacular Events Center, despite the snow. It was organized by the University of Maine cooperative extension program.Guests speakers discussed how growing markets in organic feed grains are helping livestock farmers feed their animals. Presenters also spoke about food-quality grains, explaining how in the last decade, local formers have been able to produce more wheat, oats, flour, and rye for use in bread and cereal products. “For instance if you take wheat, in the 2007 census there were 500 acres of wheat grown and I was told it was mostly for salmon feed. Last year in talking to my sources it was up to 5000 acres and all of them were bread wheat,” says organizer Ellen Mallory. Because of the changing industry, the U-Maine cooperative extension wants to help educate farmers on new quality standards for those grains. For more information visit