Lewiston Man Finds Knife in Walmart Cake 

A father in Lewiston says a cake baked by his local Wal-mart for his son’s birthday had an ingredient he didn’t ask for. A knife was found inside that cake.It has Wal-mart taking action at all of its stores in the US.”It’s not supposed to happen, ya know.””She just yelled ‘there’s a knife in here.'” Four pieces in, Nathan Bibeau claims they found a paring knife inside his son’s cake.”It definitely put a damper with a lot of things, and uh, I’m pretty disappointed with Walmart.”They stopped the party and called Walmart right away.”People started leaving and the family was pretty upset.”Bibeau says he bought the cake at the Walmart in Auburn. We reached out to corporate headquarters regarding the issue. A Wal-mart spokeswoman says the store is taking immediate action to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other customers. She told us they are eliminating the use of that particular knife in bakeries across the country.The spokeswoman went on to say, “This should not have happened. We’re thankful no one was hurt and sincerely apologize to our customers for their experience. We are reaching out to the family to resolve this.”Bibeau says Walmart offered a refund and called to ask how to make this better. He says that’s still not enough. “We’re not going to get that second birthday back ever, ya know.” Bibeau says he has contacted lawyer and is considering legal action against Walmart.”Things happen, of course, but if someone is able to make a mistake like they shouldn’t have hired them.”Bibeau says the incident will not stop him from shopping at Wal-mart.