EMCC Students Serve Up Special Dishes for National Pig Day 

It may not be the most popular holiday, but March 1st is National Pig Day.As part of the festivities, Eastern Maine Community College culinary students turned an assignment into a celebration.Second year culinary student at EMCC, Brittany Butler said “I love being creative and creativity, to me, is a challenge. Anytime I get to do something I never tried before is very excited.”Students were able to take any pig related dish and turn it into their own masterpiece. “Adding bacon into it, you can’t really go wrong with bacon and whoopie pie,” said Stacey Gatcumb, a first year Culinary Student.Pig related dishes ranged from a brownie mix, maple frosting and bacon whoopie pie, a pork chop stuffed with bacon in a pineapple glaze, and a cold english pork pie.Butler said, “I came across an english pork pie and that’s what I wanted to do. Everything was from scratch.”WABI’s own Wayne Harvey even gave the dishes a taste and the chefs cooked the meals live on TV 5’s morning show. Department Chair of Culinary Arts at EMCC, Chef Jay Demers said “They have the opportunity to take their foundation pieces they have in place, but then show is their creative side. They’re not being dictated to do a certain thing.”Students said the hands on experience they receive at EMCC inspires them to think outside the box.Second year culinary student, Elizabeth Schwartz said “We have access to a lot of things you can’t really get at a grocery store.”Throughout the semester, the future culinary artist run their own restaurant on Campus on Wednesday’s and Thursdays.To make a reservation you can call the Rangely café at 947-4830.