Fifth Grade Belfast Students Give Back To The Community 

The fifth grade class at Captain Albert Stevens School in Belfast delivered everyday items Thursday that they gave back to their community.”This is a service learning project that is part of their social studies curriculum,” said fifth grade teacher, Lois Barrows.It’s a way for them to become involved in their community. To understand what is in their community and how to help people whom need something more,” said special education teacher, Anne Feeley.Their first stop was The Soap Closet.”We’ve discovered that families on food stamps are unable to buy a lot of products that we consider necessities. Such as toilet paper, tooth paste tooth brushes, laundry soap, dish soap, deodorant, shampoo,” said vice president of the organization, Sharon Walsh.The kids collected boxes full of items, including a $100 gift card, donated by Hannaford.Next, it was off to the Greater Belfast Ministerial Food Cupboard, where they brought over 700 items to add to the shelves.”It was wonderful. They probably saved us about $2,000,” said Russell Wing, the director of the Food Cupboard.”I think you can’t start this too early in life and children need to know how to give back, and how to appreciate the wonderful community that they live in, and all these people doing all this wonderful work,” said Feeley.It’s a message these kids seem to be understanding.”I thought it was nice to see the smiles on people’s faces as we gave them supplies that will help them for the rest of the month,” said a fifth grader named Chris.”It feels really great knowing that I helped out,” said Ilianna. “I hope they feel very thankful, because people would have done this for me if I was the one who needed food, so, I’m very happy to give back to the people who need it most,” said Isaac.