Mainers Give Make-A-Wish Child from Florida Warm Welcome 

A trip to Maine is a wish come true for a six-year-old girl from Florida.Sophia Galvan is fighting cancer and through Make-A-Wish she’s spending the week in the snow. To Mainers, she had a very simple wish.”To build a snowman,” said Sophia.Everyone who heard about it here in Maine wanted to be a part of her stay. She spent Sunday at Burgess Tree Farm sledding and going for a sleigh ride.Then on Wednesday, she went to Hermon Mountain, a trip that started with a police escort.”You know it isn’t something that you normally do on a day to day basis in law enforcement and once you get a chance to do this and be able to help the family out, it makes you feel good,” said Sgt. Michael Burgess of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department.While at Hermon Mountain, Sophia took a dog sled ride to the top of the trails and went snow tubing.”It was her wish and we’re just thrilled that we were a part of it, all of us,” said Bill Whitcomb, Owner of Hermon Mountain.One of her favorite characters greeted her on the mountain. Local landscape architect Steve Ribble went a step beyond your typical snowman and created Spongebob Snowpants. Ribble said, “It’s this little girl, it’s such a humbling wish and if we could be a part of it we wanted to make it the best day possible for her and for her family.”Everyone just wanted to help make this wish come true.”Sophia and her family are really seeing some Maine hospitality and some Maine goodness of heart,” said Whitcomb.It may be a lot colder outside than she’s used to, but there’s no question she received a warm welcome from the Pine Tree State.