Bangor Public Works Director: Snow Removal Budget In Good Shape 

Another storm is heading our way. It will add to the 58 inches of snow already dumped on Bangor this winter, according to records kept by the Bangor Public Works Department.But Public Works Director Dana Wardwell says that’s about average.Wardwell said the department’s budget is where it should be in terms of sand and salt, but slightly over budget on fuel. Since many of the storms hit during the weekend, overtime is 20% over budget.We still have the month of March to get through, but Wardwell expects the department to be in good shape at the end of the winter.”It depends on the timing of the storms. If they all come in on the weekends again, then yeah, it might be a problem, but if we get a couple of three, six inch storms through March, I think we’ll be okay,” said Wardwell.